Luxley 8/21/15

(a) setlist

(Don’t know! doesn’t have any details and I’m not familiar with their discography. Had fun, though!)

(b) highlights

  • the lead singer came into the crowd and got people dancing – bold move for the first opener in a three-act show!
  • catchy songs, easy to dance to
  • Baby’s All Right is just such a great venue, will always see bands there, lighting is always top-notch, and the food is sweet

(c) lowlights

  • none!

(d) overall thoughts

Ended up at the show by accident – always a great beginning to a story. Luxley was the first act for a super long night of events and I caught them because a friend of mine was shooting them for an online feature. I didn’t know much about them when I got there, but I left feeling like those dudes knew how to dance.

Their set was short but memorable. The lead singer had a palpable stage presence and reminded me of a good combination of Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco and Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees. Luxley has an electro-pop sensibility that doesn’t feel trite or forgettable. I read that they opened for Bombay Bicycle Club a few years ago and hope they tour again with a few big bands so others can catch on. I’d be interested in catching them again sometime soon if only to watch everyone in that band dance.


Bottom line: Luxley seem like they have room to grow, but I’m excited to watch them rise up; at the end of the day, successful dancey electro pop songs will get any room dancing and these dudes were definitely successful.

Bonus! I found this track, “Dance Baby” quite memorable:

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