This is a scrapbook.


This is a scrapbook. A digital one. A keepsake of shows, concerts, gigs, events – whatever you want to call it. It’s about the music, the bands, the albums, the songs, the late-nights, and the friends that keep me coming back.

All photos are mine, unless stated otherwise. Most photos taken before 2017 were captured with a Galaxy s8, a crappy Galaxy s5, an even crappier iPhone 4s, or an ageing Canon Rebel XS. The photos aren’t supposed to be good; they’re supposed to be my experience. All other photos are taken with a Canon 77D or Canon SX530.

Every show will have (a) the setlist, (b) highlights, (c) lowlights, and (d) overall thoughts.

Hope to see you at a show sometime.

– Kat