Miike Snow 3/3/16

(a) setlist

    1. Heart is Full
    2. Billie Holiday
    3. Cult Logic
    4. Genghis Khan
    5. Paddling Heart
    6. The Heart of Me
    7. Burial
    8. My Trigger
    9. Silvia
    10. I Feel the Weight
    11. Song For No One
    12. Black & Blue


  1. Longshot (7 Nights)
  2. Animal

(b) highlights

  • seeing them live for the first time!
  • the intimacy of Le Poisson Rouge
  • bomb ass production
  • “Genghis Khan,” “Silvia,” and “Animal”
  • “I get a little bit Genghis Khan / don’t want you to get it on / with nobody else but me / with nobody else but me” = amazing

(c) lowlights

  • started late, not much to complain about

(d) overall thoughts

This was my first time seeing Miike Snow! It was their first performance in four years, supporting their third album fittingly titled iii, but nothing about it felt stiff. I normally don’t go to shows where I’m unfamiliar with the majority of the discography, but my roommate is a huge fan. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed. Andrew Wyatt’s stage presence along with the stage production and lighting let me buy into the Miike Snow Aesthetic. I’d only heard a few songs in passing, but found myself singing along to the infectious choruses and memorable melodies.

I’m writing about this show nearly two months after the fact and I still remember how much I loved “Genghis Khan,” “Silvia,” and “Animal” – the band’s stand-out tracks and coincidental fan favorites. Would love to see them again in a festival setting after relishing in the intimacy of Le Poisson Rouge.

Bottom line: Solid set, top-notch production, great crowd, would love to see these Swedish dudes again.