Ra Ra Riot 11/3/15

(a) setlist

  1. St. Peter’s Day Festival
  2. Too Dramatic
  3. Binary Mind
  4. Bad Times
  5. Can You Tell
  6. Oh, La
  7. Dance With Me
  8. Run My Mouth
  9. Angel, Please
  10. Water
  11. Run Away With Me (Carly Rae Jepsen cover)
  12. I Shut Off
  13. Ghost Under Rocks
  14. Beta Love


  1. Foreign Lovers
  2. Boy

(b) highlights

  • this was my first time seeing Ra Ra Riot since 2007ish – total throwback seeing them again
  • the band was just as energetic as I remember, tons of fun and dancey
  • I freaking love Baby’s All Right, it was the perfect venue for this type of band
  • I’ve always had a strange connection to “Ghost Under Rocks” so it was great to hear that for the first time live in many, many years
  • it made me excited to see them again in the future – I hope they put out new great music soon

(c) lowlights

  • none at all

(d) overall thoughts

I first saw Ra Ra Riot open for The Cribs in LA back in 2007. I had never heard of them then, but I instantly fell in love. Their shows are always energetic, high-energy, and I always love seeing women on-stage in rock bands. I’ve loved how the combination of sweet vocals, exquisite strings, and catchy guitar hooks makes for all-around cool tunes.

Baby’s All Right is a cool, small venue in Brooklyn that really let Ra Ra Riot shine – the sound was great, the lights were perfectly complimentary, and the crowd was having a great time. It made me feel strangely warm inside to hear classics like “St. Peter’s Day Festival” and “Ghost Under Rocks” after all these years and realize that simultaneously the band has grown so much without changing much at all. Which is the highest compliment I could give. I would love to see Ra Ra Riot play on a big stage or at a festival and really let their fun, dancey vibe spread out and breathe a bit, but I’m definitely glad I could catch them in such a small, intimate place.


Bottom line: Ra Ra Riot is a ton of fun and a band I’m proud to say had grown quite a bit over the years; I wish them nothing but the best.

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