New Order 4/13/17

(a) setlist

    1. Singularity
    2. Regret
    3. Love Vigilantes
    4. Crystal
    5. Restless
    6. Superheated
    7. Your Silent Face
    8. Tutti Frutti
    9. Bizarre Love Triangle
    10. Waiting For the Sirens’ Call (Planet Funk remix)
    11. Plastic
    12. The Perfect Kiss
    13. True Faith
    14. Blue Monday
    15. Temptation


  1. Decades (Joy Division cover)
  2. Love Will Tell Us Apart (Joy Division cover)

(b) highlights

  • Superheated!!!!! I one song I’ve been wanting to hear for over a YEAR
  • The crowd was older – as to be expected – but everyone stood for every song and was having a good time
  • the setlist was noticeably measured, well-paced, and wide-ranging; with the exception of maybe “Ceremony,” I wouldn’t have added or taken anything away
  • Bernard Sumner is like a fun grandpa, you just want to hug that guy
  • New Order’s visuals and art is always so spot-on; the way they integrate art, video, sound, and lights is supremely underrated and under-appreciated these days

(c) lowlights

  • although New Order played for about an hour and 45 minutes, they could’ve added another hour of hits and deep cuts and everyone would’ve stayed

(d) overall thoughts

Like the beginning of all great shows, I ended up at this one on accident. I had seen New Order last year play Radio City Music Hall and that show was good, but not great. The crowd was only passable and my seats weren’t the best. But this show ended up being better than I could’ve imagined.

I’ve been a real fan of New Order for over a decade now, and seen three times. Each time, I’m reminded not only how many hits these guys have made over the years, but how ageless and timeless they all still are. This band was created from the ashes of Joy Division in 1980 and completely transformed the idea of post-punk into new wave. It’s sort of staggering how many artists owe themselves and their work to New Order without even knowing it.

Perhaps even more staggering than the New Order legacy is the fact that this band is nearing their fourth decade together and still creating fresh music. 2015’s Music Complete was honest to god a true work of art to add to their discography, even with the loss of previous bassist Peter Hook. I was ecstatic that they played the album’s closer “Superheated,” which features vocals by Brandon Flowers and is all-around super catchy and classic New Order. “Restless” and “Singularity” were other highlights both on the album and in this performance.

While it’s more than evident that the band is a bit older, not as lively or spry as they used to be, no one would say they don’t still play with integrity and heart. Bernard is still so earnest and joyful in his guitar-work and never fails to not dance around a bit. The crowd rightfully roared at the sound of the first or second note of every hit, and deeper cuts were enjoyed with reverence. It still feels like everyone cheers the loudest for Joy Division tracks, but who could blame them? If you don’t feel that nostalgic pang during the show once those drums start at the beginning of “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” you’re lying.

Bottom line: New Order may have been rocking for nearly 40 years, but they show no real sign of stopping, nor should they. Whether performing Joy Division hits, their own classics, or newer tracks worthy of note, it’s undeniable that New Order are the type of band worth seeing every time they come around.


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