Big Talk 7/21/15

(a) setlist

  1. I’ve Been Sentimental Lately
  2. Neon’s Not Enough Light

(b) highlights

  • yoooooo, the babes killed it on live TV!!!
  • the dresses, the make-up, the hair, wow wow wow
  • Jimmy Kimmel is kind of hilarious and super cool talking to the audience during breaks
  • just being there! I got tickets super last minute (thx RVJ)
  • I’ve seen the Killers several times on Kimmel, but always outside, never actually in the studio so it was cool being in there

(c) lowlights

  • they should’ve played like 8 more songs, or 50 more, either one, whatever

(d) overall thoughts

TV performances can be annoying, or super cool – this was definitely the latter. Big Talk dressed in drag, Jimmy Kimmel was low-key hilarious, this was a solid freaking way to spend my vacation. Getting to be in the studio and watch both the aired and unaired performance was awesome. Love everything about this whole band and project and music, the end.

Bottom Line: Ronnie Vannucci is better than you.

I’ve Been Sentimental Lately:

Neon’s Not Enough Light:

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