The Cribs 9/22/15

(a) setlist

    1. Mirror Kissers
    2. Different Angle
    3. Come On, Be a No-One
    4. An Ivory Hand
    5. You Were Always The One
    6. Another Number
    7. Our Bovine Public
    8. Moving Pictures
    9. Back to the Bolthole
    10. Hey Scenesters!
    11. Anna
    12. Burning For No-One
    13. Be Safe
    14. Summer of Chances
    15. I’m a Realist
    16. Men’s Needs
    17. Pink Snow

(b) highlights

  • dude, they played “Be Safe”!!! how cool is that?? such a unique and different type of track, I never thought I’d see them play that one
  • I don’t remember if it was Gary or Ryan, but one of them had just broken a part of his hand that required him to be on painkillers all night which made for EXCELLENT stage banter
  • It was Ross’ birthday, so the whole crowd sang for him, which was cute

(c) lowlights

  • Brooklyn crowds are the WORSTTTTTT
  • this dumb as nails 17-year-old boy ran on-stage only to jump off into the crowd except he didn’t fall into the crowd, he just fell on ME and knocked my glasses off and the entire affair ended with me yelling at an underage boy, “I WILL MURDER YOU”
  • the Music Hall of Williamsburg has pretty garbage sound despite its name, and there were a couple of pockets of dead sound where I couldn’t hear Gary or couldn’t hear Ryan – it was annoying

(d) overall thoughts

Even though this wasn’t my favorite Cribs show ever, there were definite highlights. They were towards the end of their tour and noticeably more tired than usual, but they still put on a killer set. They played all my favorite songs and unexpectedly featured “Be Safe” right after we all sang Happy Birthday to drummer baby brother Ross. They used a drop-down projection screen to accompany the spoken-word background of the song, which was super cool and something I never thought I’d see. It’s nice when a band you love can still surprise you.

The crowd, like many Brooklyn shows I’ve been to, was weak as hell and had a bit of an attitude. Gary even mentioned that people were “allowed to dance” and, as a transplant New Yorker himself, said that he too “will go out and dance at shows.” Like, how guilty do you feel when a punkish British dude is giving you shit for not moving at his show? People loved the classics like “Mirror Kissers” and “Hey Scenesters!” but it would’ve been cool if they moved more in general. I particularly adored the final three in the set, especially “I’m a Realist” and “Men’s Needs,” which always takes me back to 2007 when I first saw them in LA. It’s pretty freaking cool to love a band that long when they’re still touring altogether and consistently putting out great music. That really isn’t as common anymore.

Bottom line: Brooklyn crowds freaking suck, but the Jarman Bros. definitely don’t.

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