Morrissey, Blondie 6/27/15

(i) lineup

(1a) Blondie
(2b) Morrissey

(1a) (Blondie’s) setlist

  1. One Way or Another
  2. Rave
  3. Hanging On the Telephone (The Nerves cover)
  4. Call Me
  5. Maria
  6. A Rose By Any Name
  7. Rapture
  8. Heart of Glass
  9. The Tide is High (The Paragons cover)

(1b) highlights

  • dude, it was BLONDIE
  • Debbie Harry KNOWS WHAT’S UP
  • the Gay Marriage Act had just been passed in that week, so Debbie was up there with her rainbow flag and dancing around, celebrating it; it was adorable
  • apparently Debbie Harry was turning SEVENTY three days before the performance, which is PSYCHOTIC to me because she still sounded so, so good
  • a whole marching band came out during “The Tide is High,” like how precious is that

(1c) lowlights

  • I brought my nice Canon Rebel XS, but we had super far back seats in MSG and there was no jumbotron or feed whatsoever, so Blondie was, uh, super small for everyone in my section

(1d) overall thoughts

Seeing a super iconic artist like Blondie open for someone I love so much in crazy famous venue like Madison Square Garden is something you don’t forget. After all these years, the band still sounded strong. Yeah, their young, punky days have been over for awhile but there’s nothing like hearing “Heart of Glass” and “The Tide Is High” in Madison Square Garden regardless of everyone’s age. Blondie, and Debbie Harry in particular, totally killed it.

Bottom Line: Debbie Harry was 69 years old for this performance and more interesting than half the boring ass Brooklyn-based, leather-jacket-wearing, mediocre-ass opening bands I’ve seen in NYC.

(2a) (Morrissey’s) setlist

    1. The Queen Is Dead (The Smiths cover)
    2. Suedehead
    3. Staircase at the University
    4. Ganglord
    5. World Peace is None of Your Business
    6. Speedway
    7. Kiss Me A Lot
    8. Alma Matters
    9. I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    10. Everyday Is Like Sunday
    11. Istanbul
    12. Will Never Marry
    13. I Will See You in Far-Off Places
    14. Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed
    15. Kick The Bride Down the Aisle
    16. Neal Cassady Drops Dead
    17. The World is Full of Crashing Bores
    18. The Bullfighter Dies
    19. Meat Is Murder (The Smiths cover)
    20. What She Said (The Smiths cover)


  1. Now My Heart Is Full

(2b) highlights

  • MORRISSEY!!!!!!
  • seeing the entirety of Madison Square Garden literally light up as the whole crowd belted out “Everyday Is Like Sunday” along with Moz will forever be burned into my retina; such a beautiful, wonderful, almost serenely perfect experience
  • “Ganglord” is stupidly funny to me and it’s totally not supposed to be, but I can’t get over it
  • all of MSG went “meatless” at the request of Moz, which I thought was cool, and “Meat Is Murder” was AMAZING
  • Moz took off his shirt and threw it into the crowd at the end, which I’d only basically read about in books at that point, so that was next-level living a dream

(2c) lowlights

  • at one point in between songs, Moz referenced how bright the theatre was, saying, “there’s a light in here…that never goes out” BUT THEN DIDN’T FUCKING PLAY “THERE’S A LIGHT THAT NEVER GOES OUT” LIIIIIKE, WTF?????!!!!???
  • again, there was no jumbotron or live feed, so Moz was like an inch tall – so much for bringing my nice camera for pics -____-

(2d) overall thoughts

Morrissey is basically a god to Smiths’ fans and to the rest of the world who doesn’t find him super insufferable, myself included. I’d been looking forward to this performance forEVER because Morrissey (of course) had cancelled a show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn a year earlier that I was supposed to go to. I was pretty freaking relieved more than anything that MSG agreed to go meatless and Moz actually showed up.

On one hand, this was an incredible performance and definitely one I’ll never forget. There seriously isn’t a better feeling than waiting for him to come on-stage and seeing the Queen give two middle fingers while “The Queen Is Dead” starts playing. Like, my freaking breath caught in my chest, I could barely stand it. The crowd was mostly really responsive and the stage design and lights were really solid. But on the other hand…I feel like Moz actively tries to annoy the crowd. It’s as if he performs better knowing everyone is annoyed with him. He played so much new material from his newest album World Peace Is None of Your Business, which I actually wouldn’t at all mind…if the album was actually good. (That’s mostly unfair – the album is fine, but nowhere near his previous works, but I digress.) Like, why not play “Hairdresser On Fire”? Or another solo song that everyone knows and loves and can dance too. I’m not saying I want an hour-long performance only of Smiths’ covers, but how fucked up can you get when you seriously reference a Smiths’ song in your between-song banter, but then not play it???? I love you, Morrissey, but my god.

Bottom Line: The memorable moments outweighed the bad at this Moz performance and at least he didn’t run off stage this time! Also he took off his shirt! What a time to be alive!

Paul McCartney, Morrissey 6/19/15

(i) lineup

1a. Cage The Elephant
2b. Morrissey (!!)
3c. Paul McCartney (!!!)

(1a) (Cage the Elephant’s) setlist

    1. Spiderhead
    2. In One Ear
    3. Aberdeen
    4. Take It or Leave It
    5. Cigarette Daydreams
    6. Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
    7. Halo
    8. Telescope
    9. Back Against the Wall
    10. It’s Just Forever
    11. Teeth
    12. Come a Little Closer
    13. Shake Me Down
    14. Sabertooth Tiger

(1b) highlights

  • seeing Cage The Elephant for the first time and damn, they put on a show
  • “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” is a killer tune; loved it since I first heard it in 2008ish, I believe
  • they had a crowd four times the size of Morrissey’s crowd…and they were before him

(1c) lowlights

  • they had a crowd four times the size of Morrissey’s crowd…and they were before him
  • it was SO. GODDAMN. HOT.
  • I was legally one gigantic mosquito bite at this point

(1d) overall thoughts

Jesus, this band has a lot of fans and it’s pretty clear why. They have big songs, even bigger crowds, and some straight up memorable numbers. Great show.

Photos by: Joe Papeo and Joe Del Tufo

(2a) (Morrissey’s) setlist

    1. Suedehead
    2. First of the Gang to Die
    3. Alma Matters
    4. I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    5. Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before (The Smiths cover)
    6. Ganglord
    7. Kiss Me A Lot
    8. World Peace is None of Your Business
    9. The Bullfighter Dies
    10. You Have Killed Me
    11. Speedway
    12. The Staircase at the University
    13. The World is Full of Crashing Bores
    14. Everyday is Like Sunday
    15. Meat Is Murder (The Smiths cover)
    16. What She Said (The Smiths cover)

(2b) highlights

  • MORRISSEY!!!11!!!1!
  • I cried when he walked out, I love Morrissey so much, this was the first time I was seeing him, I legit cried
  • every Smiths song. all of them. I was overwhelmed.
  • it’s a long story, but “Ganglord” is an inside joke with my friends and we died
  • seeing “Everyday is Like Sunday” standing in mud on the sunniest day of all time in the middle of Delaware is never something I imagined would happen, but god, it did

(2c) lowlights

  • the festival was selling meat literally at the closest vendor and we were all TERRIFIED Morrissey would smell it and walk off stage
  • Morrissey eventually got annoyed and walked offstage (but it was at the end anyway!! we think!!)
  • there were less than 100 people in the crowd. at the main stage. for Morrissey. the final act before the headliner. WHAT THE FUCK, PEOPLE.

(2d) overall thoughts

Seeing Morrissey live was a hugely emotional experience for me as a long-time Smiths fan and long-time Moz fan and I feel like maybe only a dozen others felt the same in that crowd in Dover. He sounded like heaven to me; I was beside myself every time a Smiths’ song played, and I’ll never forget that he was actually physically standing and singing right there in front of me. It was a dream. A very anxious dream where I prayed he wouldn’t storm off because Firefly was definitely not meatless and I’m pretty sure I ate a chicken sandwich that day and felt like is Moz looked at me, he would immediately know, but IT WAS STILL A DREAM.


(3a) (Paul McCartney’s) setlist

    1. Birthday (The Beatles cover)
    2. Save Us
    3. Got to Get You Into My Life (The Beatles cover)
    4. Let Me Roll It (Wings cover)
    5. Paperback Writer (The Beatles cover)
    6. My Valentine
    7. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five (Wings cover)
    8. The Long and Winding Road (The Beatles cover)
    9. Maybe I’m Amazed
    10. I’ve Just Seen a Face (The Beatles cover))
    11. We Can Work It Out (The Beatles cover)
    12. Another Day
    13. And I Love Her (The Beatles cover)
    14. Blackbird (The Beatles cover)
    15. Here Today (The Beatles cover)
    16. New
    17. Queenie Eye
    18. Lady Madonna (The Beatles cover)
    19. Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles cover)
    20. Being For Benefit of Mr. Kite! (The Beatles cover)
    21. Something (The Beatles cover)
    22. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (The Beatles cover)
    23. Band on the Run (Wings cover)
    24. Back in the USSR (The Beatles cover)
    25. Let It Be (The Beatles cover)
    26. Live and Let Die (The Beatles cover)
    27. Hey Jude (The Beatles cover)

Encore 1:

  1. Hi, Hi, Hi (Wings cover)
  2. Can’t Buy Me Love (The Beatles cover)
  3. Helter Skelter (The Beatles song)

Encore 2:

  1. Golden Slumbers (The Beatles cover)
  2. Carry That Weight (The Beatles cover)
  3. The End (The Beatles cover)

(3b) highlights

  • standing in a stupid muddy field in DELAWARE with 30,000 people, sobbing my eyes out with my best friends, watching a freaking LIVING BEATLE sing the most beautiful song in the world that even aliens in space have probably acknowledged its beauty, HEY JUDE
  • Paul McCartney having no clue whatsoever that he’s Paul McCartney
  • people who act like Wings is a real thing
  • when he would casually mention John Lennon or George Harrison or his “good friend Jimi” (Hendrix) or his “great pal Keith” (Richards)
  • the entire thing, seriously, I’ll never really be able to explain this perfection – it was seriously life-changing

(3c) lowlights

  • nothing.

(3d) overall thoughts

I really cannot underscore enough that this Paul McCartney performance was the greatest show I’ve ever seen in my life. Nothing will every really touch this show for reasons I can’t even put into words, but it really all comes down to a feeling. And that feeling is this: standing in a muddy Delaware field late at night with 30,000 people, covered in mosquito bites, so freaking tired from the hottest and longest day ever, being with my three closest concert buddies who I’ve all known for more than 10 years and who knowingly or unknowingly have gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life, crying my freaking eyes out, and singing in perfect unison “Naaaaa naaaa na na naaaaaa, na na na naaaa, hey Juddddeeeee.” That’s not a feeling you forget for the rest of your life.